Hi every one :
I need help with this C++ coding:
Write a program that defines and uses a class called Student. A student class should contain the following private data:

Student Number

Full name

An array of 7 marks for courses in the semester

Your class should have a default constructor, a constructor that allows specified values for all private data and methods (member functions) to return each of the private data items. Member functions should also be available to allow the full name and mark data items to be changed. You may add any additional member functions you think are appropriate.

Write a program that uses the a vector of Student items to store information for a semester. The program will maintain separate vectors which will give the course names and credit hours for the semester. (You can use another class for this if you wish). Use the following data for your parallel vectors or class:

Course Credits

COAP 222 9

COMP 221 8

COMP 222 7

CIRC 241 6

CIRC 240 5

MAT 230 4

TCOM 235 3

Your program should support the following menu driven functions:

○ Enter data for all data items in Student

○ Print a table of student ID's and marks showing course names as column headers.

○ Determine the semester weighted average of any student ID

○ Determine the class average for any course

○ Display the student name with the highest mark in any specified course


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For what? It looks like you posted your assignment in the hope that someone will do it all for you. Why don't you try it yourself and when you have some proof of effort and a real question, we'll help you.

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