can you PLEASE put a SIMPLE traceroute code in java.

i googled traceroute but i got a bunch of compicated codes.

im new in networking programming, i want to implement the traceroute command . i already managed to create a network and wrote a program for the laptops to send datagrams to each others.

can you PLEASE give me a code for the traceroute command implmentation?

i reallly really appreciate your help.

thanks so much in advance

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Dear jwenting,

first of all , this is not a homework, its a personal work,

second, if you dont want to help you just dont need to let me know :)

anyway, have a nice day.


what kind of forum is this :S ! plz send me the link , i want to unsuscribe.

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one with lost of intelligent people. I wish you could leave but alas, you cannot unsubscribe.

It is a forum where we help people learn, not help them cheat. You just want everything handed to you on a platter without any work. Do your google seacrh and get it that way if you must.


Try to code the routine yourself. Should you get stuck, ask specific questions and we WILL help you. But simply asking to write it for you just isn't going to happen.


what kind of forum is this :S ! plz send me the link , i want to unsuscribe.

I'm 100% agree with you, pal.

Registered on this forum just to say what morons they are - jwentigh and jasip. Indians - you can count on them w/o a good overseer.

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Thanks for dragging up a dead thread to add an absolutely worthless comment.
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