Hi fellows,
Another Post with a different problem.

I am having a form to book tickets...i have designed a seat layouts..

i have 8 rows and i named them from A-H.
For each row i have a panel where i have put the checkboxes from 1-10 along with the row name.
Consider i have a panel and 1 2 3 etc are checkboxes and A is a label..
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 A
User is going to book tickets after authentication.He will be directed to this page where he sees the seat layout.
I want to make the user select the no of seats and print the seat no along with the row no..

How to do this.Remember alll the check boxes and the row no is inside the panel.

If another user wants to book seats means,the seats which have already booked should be disabled..How to do this.Please give with code,if possible or a sample..
How to store the values in the database...

Its very urgent so please helpp me anyone....
Ps:Ramy and Saurab(Can u help me on this one)

Thanks in advance...

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Actually i have no much time to tell u....for now i can only tell u....how to find the Checked checkboxes in Panel.....and put that checkbox name into a label........and Row name "A" u can store somewhere else and concatinate it to ur label....string

foreach(CheckBox chk in panel1.Controls)
label1.Text += "Row A with Seat Number: "+ chk.Text +"\n";

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