Hi all.
I am required to create a application which allows a user to drag images to a icon/ folder. This image file will then be copied. A thumbnail is then created and the thumbnail uploaded to an online Gallery.
My first question is whether this is possible to achieve (with a limited knowledge of C++) using C++ or whether Java (with a more limited knowledge of Java) would be better to use.

Given your problem domain and your language exposure, Java would be better than C++.

It has lot of inbuilt and handy classes which shift the task of implementing the trivial functionalities from you. An inbuilt GUI support ( Swing and AWT ) would really simplify matters specially when GUI in C++ is really *tough* not to mention you will have to resort to some third party packages or go with Windows programming ( both are hellish ).

That being said Java, C# and Python (recommended if you are up for it ) would be more like it especially if you don't as such know C++.

Thank you for your promt reply.
It will save me a lot of time not steering down the wrong avenue.
Should i have any other difficulties i will not hesitate to post. (after exhusting all other attempts at a resolution)

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