Hello Experts
I am trying to parse a dbx file . But I won't be able to find the attachment offset,embeded's image offset, mail's offset,mail's size etc. If abybody know DBX file structure ,then please tell me .Its urgent.


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i know this link ..but i won't be able to determine the questions I ask earlier in my query.

I don't know the answer to your question either, but like all other Microsoft products the detail format of the file is a company secret. If you want to extract the information from the email file then you probably need to use Microsoft Office Automation SDK

Is anybody can help me in breaking the strucutre of dbx file.

this is the link known to me.But I won't be able to parse a complete dbx file.Something is miissing .I don't know whicihs section.If anybody have work on dbx file format,then please help ,me in this matter.

sorry; i should have looked at dragon's post more closely (he had given the same link in a disguised form).
you could try e-mailing Arne Schloh (more information may be available; the page hasn't been updated for some six years).

is there noone who can help me in breaking the problem