Hi all,
I am fed up of doing this week scheduler for my project...i am trying and trying but seems to go nowhere..I thought of asking u people for any ideas...(windows application)

My project is online ticket booking and i have a admin screen where he can schedule movies for a particular day and for that week....The problem i am facing is that i want to display the Date and Day of that week in Seven labels..If the user clicks on label Friday 11/1/08.He should see the movies scheduled for friday and he can edit the movie ,timing,etc.....

Iam not able to get the day and date into the labels.
Consider my first label is Friday.The label should have Friday along with date.I did it using date time picker and put it in that label.But the problem is i am not able to increment the day and date for the next day and it should be continous.......
Please forgive me if u dont understand what i said,please refer to a online ticket booking site if u want a clear idea.......

Give me some ideas on how to do this.

u can use the datetime picker to handel that, this control is a built in control within the tool bar or u can instantiate one
DateTimePicker oDateTimePicker = new DateTimePicker();
DateTime oDate = oDateTimePicker.Value.Date;//Get the date from the date time picker control
Get the day from the date time picker control using this fra

They are other porperties that I guess that they could be interessant for you good luck

Thanks fellows,
I got the day in to label by using this...

label3.Text = dateTimePicker1.Value.DayOfWeek.ToString();

This returned me the current day.No problem
But how to increment the next label say the first label returned Monday and the next label should return tuesday and so on....How to perform this.

Use something like this:


Thanks man,It is getting incremented but the problem is when i log in tomorrow,the value in the first label and the preceeding labels gets incremented by one day...I dont want that to happen...This is what i have

Each label should hold a day and that date..I am getting perfectly if i give the code as u said,but if i come tomorrow all the days are changed like the first label changes to tuesday and the next label to Wednesday..Any solution.......

Hi shyam,
The link u gave is for web application.There is no c# code but only html code.I am developing a windows application..The logic is to get the weeks date in to the labels i have in my form...Check this site for your clarification..www.thecinema.in.You will see the movies scheduled for the week..I want it in that way dude....any solution....

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