Hey all,
I am new to C# and want to learn it. Can anyone tell me a good book for beginners? Your help is greatly appreciated. thanks.


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I took a computer science course last semester during which we had to learn C#. We didn't have to learn it in the context of .NET but instead as a Java-like language which could be used on Unix systems. The following were the resources the professor sent us to to learn the language (no books involved):


And the following are some small programs we wrote in class (off of the professor's homepage):

Sorry I can't help you with any books. But I learned C# in a semester with those references at all ... if that means anything. I'm sure someone else could help you more than I.

Thanks cscgal,
I really appreciate your help. I was talking to my teacher and he was telling me that there isn't any good C# book out there. He said when he teaches, he just takes out parts from different books. He said he is still looking for a good books. I guess I will have to take the class with him. Anyone knows anything about the good book??????


I own this book. It's pretty good.


Thanks inscissor,
I see that this book has got a quite a few good reviews. But I wonder if it's for intermediate programmers. you know, someone who already knows about object oriented programming. I am new to programming. I started out with HTML, CSS, and then JavaScript. One of my friends lent me his C# book called, C# for Web Programming by Chris H. Pappas and William H. Murray http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0130661171/qid%3D1077989518/sr%3D11-1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/002-7907776-4664842 , since I have a background of Web Design. This book looks good, but it focues more on the web part. I need something that teaches me from the ground up. Of course, I cannot learn the entire language with a single book, but a good book would help me to start.

Is this book you are talking about for beginners? If so, I would like to buy it. Thanks again for your help.


I think it's for beginners. It starts out very basic and assumes you have some programming knowledge. You said you've worked with JavaScript, so you should already know the basics. I recommend you look for this book at your nearest book store and skim through the first 20 pages. Read the intro too. This is the book I used to learn strictly C#, no web stuff.

Some concepts, I think, you'll have difficulty understanding no matter what book you use. If you've never done advanced C++ or Java programming, you might have a bit of difficulty understanding interfaces, delegates, and events. It's no problem though. You always have forum people to help you.

thanks inscissor again. I appreciate your help. I will take a look at that book as soon as possible.


I just finished my second semester of C#. We used "C#: How to Program" by Deitel. Really is a great book. Learned a lot of cool stuff, still had to use the MSDN Library for clarification on a few things though.

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Hi, I am a programming instructor at Vatterott and I agree with the reply about there not being a good C# book. Of course it comes down to what level your learning at so here goes. This is a begining level class. I currently use "Microsoft Visual C#.Net Programming "From Problem Analysis to Program Design" Barbara Doyle, ISBN: 0-619-15944-8

It will take you through Console Applications, Windows Applications and Web Applications. It is pretty easy to understand on your own but does require some instructor demonstrations at certain key sections. It is lacking on ADO connections and Deployment. I have posted a "How To" on those items on our web site. Keep in mind the students have already gone through a demo on those items before they refer to the website. Website > www.extremehideout.com "listed under How To"

I am an old "Retired Buzzard" from 38-years of programming and teach Java, C#, VB and SQl just to stay busy. My ex-students email me from their places of employment for how to's all the time, feel free to join in. I work and sleep a split shift so I usually answer emails between midnight - 2am or until the wife tells me to "Go to bed you old B........." :)


C# For the absolute beginner is quite good. Really, I haven't seen that many "bad" C# beginner books. You just need to search amazon and you'll find like a thousand. Most of the time from reading the customer reviews you can find out a good amount.

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If you're already an experienced programmer, the online books are really quite good for VS.NET

Thanks from your sharings here. I am also new in C# and i use all your informations. Thanks all

Thanks all

I just read these two books on C#4.0 and found them to be very good. They might be a little advanced for a complete novice but they go into depth on a range of topics:
Programming C# 4.0 Ian Griffiths, Matthew Adams, published by O'reilly
Fluent C# Rebecca M. Riordan, published by Sams

Fluent C# is a very low quality book.

Take a look at reviews:

Jon skeet (Author of C# in Depth)

I really don't like ranting. I don't like sounding mean - and I wanted to like this book. While I like C# 4.0 in a Nutshell and Essential C# 4.0, I'm still looking for a book which I can recommend to readers who want a more "lively" kind of book. Unfortunately I really can't recommend Fluent C# to anyone - it is simply too inaccurate, and I believe it will cause confusion and instil bad habits in its readers.

and Amazon review

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