Hi ppl...i'm having problems in my assignment....
what i need to do is create a bulletin-board program on ASM that does the following:
I "some string" - inputs string into bulletin board
D number - deletes the specific string from the board
V - prints out all the string that are stored insided

thank you for your help

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Yep,sorry about that, since this is my first post i am un aware of the points youve made so.....
anyhow, i've managed to make my code insert strings and view them , by pushing char by char into the stack, following that i push a variable holding the length of the string.
then when i view them i start with the BP already on the string length part of the stack, subtract it, etc....
i am really stuck when it comes to deleting strings the i've pushed already into the stack, is there any way of doing this?
btw:this is not embedded code.

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