This is Vijayasanthi.I'm using Visual basic 6.Now the problem is i can enter only 255 characters by using input box but i have to increase the maximum length or can i set the maximum length property as '0' for input box?kindly give any solution for this problem.

Thanks and Regards,

To override theis problem u can use textbox along with an frame that can externally handled as inputobox,because inputbox has minimal properties


To override this problem u can use textbox along with an frame that can be externally handled as inputbox,because inputbox has minimal properties



Why use InputBox, for such large Values, Add a TextBox to the form and use it for input. Another way round is to add a TextBox in another Form and show that Form in Modal. Textbox can take 64K.


have a general declaration to your textbox
dim x(name of your textbox) as long.

for you to have more characters on your textbox

hope i'll help you a bit

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