Dear c++ gurus, i have thk all over wat is means by the following hightlighted text, but not understood, can anyone explain to me what do they mean? or how do they function?

class RotationSensor : public Sensor {
RotationSensor(const Port port, int position = 0)
    : Sensor((Sensor::Port) port, true), 
    rsensor((port == S1) ? ROTATION_1 :
	    (port == S2) ? ROTATION_2 :
    rvelocity((port == S1) ? VELOCITY_1 :
	      (port == S2) ? VELOCITY_2 :
    on();          //! Turn on tracking of the sensor
    pos(position); //! Set the current position

Thanks guru.

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>>the following hightlighted text
There are no highlishted text. Do you mean lines 5, 6 and 7 ? That is doing the same thing as if there were a series of if statements, like this:

if( port == S1)
    rsensor = ROTATION_1;
else if( port == S2)
    rsensor = ROTATION_2;
    rsensor = ROTATION_3;

Thanks, guru Ancient Dragon.

Good to know that what i have been guessing is correct.
therefore the same apply for:

rvelocity((port == S1) ? VELOCITY_1 :   
              (port == S2) ? VELOCITY_2 :         

ya, im much more confident now, thanks.

The next question is, for:

RotationSensor(...) : Sensor (...), rsensor(...), rvelocity(...)

wat does this block of codes represent? or do? or how it function?

thanks again guru.

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