Hello im pretty new to proggramming. Im making a console program. I want to be able to play a sound when it opens. I have no clue on how to do this. :o Is it possible running a sound in a console program? Plz reply and thxXx for the help!

>Is it possible running a sound in a console program?
What does google tell you?

I checked google and didnt find anything. Im using Dev c++ and want to build in a sound file so when the exe launches the sounds starts playing. Can you give an example source code please? thx :mrgreen:

Use the Package Dowload utility to get FMod.

Goto Tools->Check for Updates/Packages..

You can find a package for FMOD on one of the download sites. Look under the Audio category.

You can the goto File->New->Project
Choose the Multimedia and select the FMod sample project.

Look at the code, it's pretty simple. And you will be able to play various formats like MP3,WAV etc.

And there are tuts on the need, look on google ;)

Best of Luck

And very nice of you to use an opensource compiler, much better for you ;)

P.S if you only want a bing, then try


Wow dude, i cant tell you how much you helped me out, Thanks alot.

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