I need a script that will do the following tasks

Write and test a script called ExpWord.cmd that would do the following:

copy all the files in the Exploring Word directory to a new directory on your H drive called ExpWord

Use a wild card character to delete all that files in the ExpWord directory that start with the word Chapter.

Output the directory listing for ExpWord to a file called ExpWord.doc located at the root directory of your H dirve.

If an error was detected in any of the steps above
 display an appropriate error message (For example: “Error detected in the copy command!” )
 pause and then exit the shell.

Write and test a script called ExcelFiles.cmd that would do the following:

Generate a report that will provide a listing of all the Excel files on your H: drive and redirect that report to a file called ExcelFiles.doc located at the root directory on your H drive.

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I did this much so far but i donno how to do the echo commands

md "I:\ExpWord" 

start /d "I:\Exploring Word" /b 

copy "H:\Exploring Word\chapter 1*.doc" "I:\ExpWord\" 

start /d "I:\Exploring Word" /b 

dir > "H:\ExpWord.doc"
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