i am developing a control panel project with vb.net i finished how to create a site from scratch but i wanna add a sub site (sub domain)under the domain of my site
how can i do that ? need help whatever the language is.

many thanks in advance

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Ummmm.. This is quite a question...

What OS is the server hosting the sites on?

If this is a linux setup then you can do an fopen and insert a ine into the named db file for the subdomain and then you can add your httpd.conf file vhost entry in the same manner:

<VirtualHost serverip>
DocumentRoot /yourdir
BytesLog domlogs/yourlog
User username
Group pass
ServerAlias *yoursite..site.net
ServerName your.site.net
CustomLog domlogs/site.log combined

Since this post is in the VB.NET you are probably looking to do it in this manner..

Just do IO reads and IO writes to adjust your file.

many thanks for your coperation , my OS is windows server 2003
can u help me ?

many thanks again

And what language do you want to do this in?

Does this need to be accesible by anyone?

Is it a Control Panel?

Is it a program just for you to use?

Basically you just want to write a program that opens a file.. appends the info to it.. saves the file.

Restart the services.

that is the order of events.

i wanna user vb.net language , it's a service my site of my company offfers to its clients web hosting services,so the client can make his site as a subsite of our company site.if my company site names www.yyyy.com and the client wants to create site names xxxx so he can access it www.xxx.yyy.com
is it important to add the subdomain to parent domain dns zone ?
many thanks

I need a short subdomain web hosting ( easy and rememeberable reason ), with feature

>Short subdoamin ex. www.xx.com, so we can access with myname.xx.com or mybe www.myname.xx.com
>support, PHP, MySQL ( optional )
>FTP access, CPanel
>Min. 50 Mb space,
>over than 1000Mb bandwidth/Mo,
>Fast, No ads, no banner,

Where i can sign up?


Has anyone figured out a way to do this yet? I'm in a similar situation where when a user signs up on our site, we need to use their name as the subdomain and have it point to their page. Thanks. BTW, this site is in C#, not VB.net... but I figured if I found the code I could translate it easily enough.

Please do u have any solution for the create a sub domain in win-2003 server in C#.

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