I've found API Jfreechart for creating chart with java and Jcalendar for calendar purpose.I've downloaded them and i don't know how to use these external API packages into the program.I use Eclipse europa and sometime editpad as text editor.

I want to know how to add such packages in my program,cause i've to use these packages along with my java code.So how to set the classpath and add such directories so that java compiler can link them in my program.

Actually i want to know for both eclipse and normal text editor.For eclipse there maybe
something ready but i can't find it.And for text editor way i think i have to add the packages
in classpath but i'm not getting it how cause if classpath is changed how can i tell compiler
where to find java/bin is? right.

So i'm kind confused here.I've tried and search the official sun tutorial and some eclipse
online help but can't find anything.Maybe i don't know what to search right.Can anyone explain me where i'm going wrong.

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When you say that you downloaded them, in what form did you get them? (Perhaps a .jar file)

no in format zip or tar.gz not in jar i never downloaded anything.see it yourself at

How can i add that package into eclipse while coding a simple program that uses chart?Just go tru my first post for reading problem.

I have downloaded the zip files and if you extract them you will see that inside the folders there are some .jar files as well as other files containing some source. Perhaps when they built the library they zipped the entire folder and post it for download. Now I don't know which jars it is required to use but in Eclipse there should be an option where you can add these jar files in your java build path. I don't know if we are using the same version, but in mine, if you go: Project, Properties, Java Build Path, Libraries, you should be able to add those jar files. Try and search all the folders that you extracted in case you miss some jar files. I think you should also write import the packages in your code.

Actually as english is my third langugae it is hard for me to ask what i want actually.

All i want is to add those external packages to my program but i don't know how to do that in java and in eclipse IDE as well.Imean if i want to call some class and method from the package mentioned above how can i do that? where to extract that zip file and how to link it with java program & how to do the same with eclipse.

Right-click the file and choose the extract option. Then open the folder that you got and search for some .jar files. Then follow the instructions I sent you about those jar files

The only jars that are required to use JFreeChart are jfreechart-xxxx.jar and jcommon-yyyy.jar
Do make sure you use the correct version of JCommon for the version of JFreeChart you install (it will be included).

BTW, what the heck are you doing using Eclipse if you don't even know how to set a classpath to use 3rd party libraries?

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