Can someone help me with this task?

Write a C++ class that implements all the functions of an ordered dictionary using (2,4) tree??? Needs me for today if someone now somethnig pls send something.

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>Write a C++ class that implements all the functions
>of an ordered dictionary using (2,4) tree???

>Needs me for today
Bwaahahahahaha! Well, nobody here is going to give you the code, so let's see what the chances are of you actually finishing your project:

You posted one hour ago, which is 10:00am my time. Presumably you need the code before the end of the business day, which is 5:00pm. That means you have 7 hours to write and test the code. Taking into account that I'm well versed in the theory and I've implemented 2,4 trees several times before, I wouldn't agree to that kind of deadline for a fully functional and tested dictionary. Even for a student project I'd ask for at least two uninterrupted working days of 8 hours to have full confidence in the result.

I'd wager that I have over a decade of professional programming on you and you're significantly less experienced than I am at implementing and working with data structures. This means you'd be wrestling with the concept of the tree and the details of C++ at the same time. You wouldn't have prior experience with an implementation to fall back on, so a lot of testing and experimentation would be required on your part while I would be able to jump right into a final draft. So my minimum time frame is well beyond your capability. My guess is that my minimum quadrupled would be reasonable for your minimum.

With all of that in mind, it's physically impossible for you to meet your deadline. I suggest you give it up and go have a pint.

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