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What????? NetBeans released the 6.0? That's amazing. I am still using the version:icon_lol: I am going to download it with my PSTN 28kbps connection. By the time it gets downloaded, the 7.0 will be released :icon_lol:


yep, they released 6.0 some time ago. I believe the betas of 6.1 are already available in fact :)

Got it installed on one machine to check it out, but haven't gotten around to using it yet.
Way too much fun and productivity with IntelliJ 6 (yes, I'm cheap, I've not yet upgraded to 7).


there is not too much difference between IntelliJ 6 and 7 as far I seen from JME development, but I do not use IDE in full scale so difficult to judge


It LOOKS similar in screenshots, but has for example built-in support for building Spring applications (including crosslinking between the configuration files and sourcecode, code generators, etc.), Ruby, I think Groovy (not that I use that), vastly improved EJB3 support, etc.

I don't at the moment need that so I haven't upgraded. When I do have the need, the upgrade will be there :)

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