Ok so Im onto my next step.. Ive used c++ to read in an entire file, and got what I needed. The last and final step is to send the information in an email via my already setup outlook account.
The below code works, and I dont know jack about .vbs scripts (THis is c++ related) but I guess is also scripting as well.
PROBLEM: Ok this script works for the exception that outlook prompts me with
two windows saying "An application is trying to access your outlook " and " This could be a potential threat do you wish to allow this program"

Is there any switches that could be added in order to bypass these prompts?

Dim theApp, theMailItem

     Set theApp = WScript.CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
     Set theNameSpace = theApp.GetNameSpace("MAPI")
	Set theMailItem = theApp.CreateItem(0)
     theMailItem.Recipients.Add "genGOTCHA@yahoo.com"
     theMailItem.Subject = "TESTING EMAIL"
     theMailItem.Body = "I GOSH I THINK IT WORKED"

You might read this, especially the comments at the end of the window about SendMessage command-line function. I don't have Outlook on my computer so I can't test it.