Ok.. I use c++ numerous times to stream an output to script's to do further operations. Sometimes I need an email script, and will output one and manipulate the script with c++. As dumb as a question as this is I just want to clear my confusion before I go buying the wrong tutorial books. WHAT KIND OF SCRIPT IS THIS ? AND WHAT KIND OF BOOK SHOULD I BUY IN ORDER TO LEARN THIS BETTER?

Dim theApp, theMailItem

     Set theApp = WScript.CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
     Set theNameSpace = theApp.GetNameSpace("MAPI")
     Set theMailItem = theApp.CreateItem(0)
     theMailItem.Recipients.Add "cody.oebel@bloodntissue.org"
     theMailItem.Subject = "TESTING EMAIL"
     theMailItem.Body = ""
     theMailItem.Body = "THIS MESSAGE SHOULD EMAIL PROPERLY" & chr(13)
     theMailItem.Body = theMailItem.Body & "THIS IS THE NEXT LINE"

I use these type's of scripts all the time, but dont know what the heck they are called and I want to learn how to use them to windows fullest capabilities. I would consider myself a begginer in whatever language this is because I just manipulate it, but dont understand it's fundamentals. I looked up books in Amazon for vbs scripting since this scripts extension on my desktop is .vbs and the books refferences .vbs scripting books for use of html???????? I am confused ??? I dont want to do anything with html, but build scripts like this to manipulate windows!

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