Hello All :
Is there any idea to change the name of any control exist in a form , while the form is executed I must have a button when I pressed it a dialog appear this dialog must have(textbox) the new value of the selected control must written in this (textbox) .....
Thanks for support ...

Yes, you can!
[Control].Name = "new name";

Sorry, I mean while the form is executed I want to change the control text , the button is responsible for changing the control text which it's have a dialog have a textbox it's change the control text ....
Thanks for support

confusing ......
may be u need to put above code in button click event
or if that control who's text u want is in another form then

prbbly thats u want !!!!!!!

Control Text or control Name ????
if you've button you can change its text by
yourButton.Text = "lmlmalaa";
please clearify your question

Thanks a lot for your support , but if I create another form , the new value of the textbox I want to see it in this new form .... Any idea please

So your new question is how to pass a value (text) of the textbox in a form to another form (which has the control you want to change its text??!!)

declare this variable in form1
public static string pass;

assign the value : pass = Textbox1.Text;

Read From Form2
controlName = Form1.pass

u can also refer form1.control.property=value;