i am using monthview control in my form to display date in textboxes
it's date format is mm/dd/yyyy , but i need to change it to dd/mm/yyyy..
is it possible in any other way than using "format" ??

coz when i use "format" it works only for 1 textbox, and in next textbox if i add some months to the pervios textbox value using dateadd () fn, the date format in second textbox changes..

so is there anyway wich v can change te way the date is displayed ?

following is my coding..

text1.text = Format$(mview.value , "dd/mm/yy")

private sub text1_change()
text2.text = dateadd("m",5,text1.text) /* here the format itself changes and it gives different values*/

thank you


Defaultly Monthview Control date format is "dd/mm/yyyy" then how u getting that format. If the format is like that mean no problem because vb convert the date to "dd/mm/yyy" and then only it do's other process.


thanks for ur reply Shailaja... but if i just assign the value of monthview to a textbox (text1.text = mview.value) it gives me in that format mm/dd/yyyy... i dont knw why...


If the textbox control taking this format means "MM/DD/YYYY" check that textbox DataFormat property. Because if u set the DataFormat Property as "MM/DD/YYYY" then textbox takes format only. So check ur Textbox dataformat property.

:) Have a nice day:)

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