I'm new to GUI's and have has some trouble with the wx.lib.plot.py module. I can insert the graph panel into an app, but I can not get the panel to expand when the window is resized. I've read about the need to set the initial size, but... is this plotting panel not capable of resizing itself?


Do you have it set up with sizer?

I generated a gui via Glade, with multiple sizers and panels. when running it, visually it looks fine. I've created a plotpanel(wx.lib.plot.PlotCanvas) with my panel as parent. The plotcanvas would appear, but very small, even though it was created with style= wx.EXPAND. I had to set the initial size to get it to fit the parent panel. When I resize the app, everything grows, but the plotcanvas. I've tried to make a workaround my resizing the plotcanvas to the size of the parent panel on resize events, but haven't had some much luck. The basic question I am trying to get answered is this plotcanvas ,wx.lib.plot.PlotCanvas, not designed to expand into anything but a frame. in a frame it seems to work fine.