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Thanks DimaYasny
I know about nmap api and v have even used some ideas from it.
But i wanted some other ways also.
Any way for replying


well, you might want to set up nagios or webmin on the machine as well

Yasny we did much R&D on nmap and we have found that the OS details it is extracting is based of fingerprinting for specific os on hand.

Also the os details results are based on assumptions as per the fingerprints of os that nmap has.

We wanted to know os details, h/w configurations and process that are running on remote machine for some analysis purpose of our project.

And Yasny, after more & more r&d we also got that the way would go Hacking like, thus that is not we have to do.

So we decided to deploy our client as per the os running on remote machine.

Thanks for replying.

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