Im trying to find the circumference of a circle and the area whe i
runn the program need help starting and help with area can some one help please Im new and dont have a clue with c :sad:


As a matter of DaniWeb policy, we do not do homework for people. We do assist. First, how would you write the program in psuedo code? We can build there together then.

For example: we want to convert inches to centimeters.

Psudeo Code:

// Need variables for the data
 variable inches, centimeters
 // Need control value for the program
 variable continue
 // Program
 While continue == yes
 	 Ask user for value in inches
 	 compute centimeters = inches * 2.54
 	 output centimeters
 	 Ask if user wishes to do another.

Give it a shot. Let us know what you come up with. Comment a lot. We will learn together, instead of someone tossing you the answer.


Thank You
Christian for the help I have completed the circumference program
with your help the next one is harder and more complicated.
if I need some help I'll post again.
Once again thanks for the help.

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