does 1 need to learn Java b4 pickup up Java 3D, or is a) Java 3D more of an IDE, or
b) is it akin to Java's relationship w/Javascript - basically none?

Yeap, definitely. Java 3D is a set of classes that makes programming in 3D environment a lot easier. Similar to OpenGL, DirectX, and MFC. You don't necessarily need to know how Java3D works in every little detail, but you need to know how you're going to use it...and therefore you have to know Java to use it.

thanks inscissor, makes sense but i really wasnt sure @all. seems as much as i keep trying to put learning certain other teks infront of Java, it keeps giving me reasons to put it much closer to the top of my "things to learn" list.

ok, this cud go on either 1 of 2 dif boards, but... since C++ & Java are both OOP, does it make any diff as 2 which 1 1 picks up 1st?

It makes no difference to me where you put it. =) You could've put it in under "Modding Cases" if you wanted, but then Dani might have a ;)

You do know, of course, that as global moderator you can easily move misplaced threads, inscissor *hint hint*

Don't you mean "expert"? ;)

oh, u 2 r a barrel of lol's rn't u's!!! :P well, thanx 4 answrin my orig quest NOT!!! >:( ;)

OK well sorry but I can't take this one on account of I've never heard of Java3D. I'm a C++ programmer who's only taken a few glimpses at Java.

I'm pretty sure inscissor answered your original question in his first reply. No? Back to inscissor ...

ok, lets chalk it up 2 simple misunderstanding ;) the initial? i posed above, which was answered, was whether or not 1 needd 2 become proficient in Java b4 tackling Java3D (the ans being: yes). the 2nd ? i posed was what shud 1 pickup 1st, Java or C++ (the ans being... ?). :)

This depends what you'd like to program for and what your target audience is. C++ and Java almost have the same learning curve to an extend - C++ is easier to pick up yet harder in the long run when your programs become more complicated. Java might be a little harder to pick up because it forces you to make ANY program object oriented even if you just want to add 2 numbers - but it's easier to maintain in the long run I think compared to programs developed in C++.

Let me know what kind of programs you'd like to write and what your target audience is - I'll help you out then.

well thats potentially literally the $64,000.00 ? isnt it?!!! i'm in a Catch22 position - i'm looking for deep & wide knowledge base -and neither r quick to achieve. i'm really focusing in on the web angle. i'm leaning towards adding Linux /Java /Oracle (i've got a basic cert in Lotus Notes Apps Dev to compliment Oracle, something else (P/CLP) that i'm going to put more emphasis on as well) to my Dreamweaver /Flash /Photoshop self-studies... :-\

Then definitely go with Java. It's perfect for the web envirnonment. It's gotten a bad rap from it's applets that have been coded by poor programmers, but it's a good language to do other tasks such as servers/networks, client applications, graphic user interfaces that can run with the same code on macs, unix, windows, to name a few. Also, once you know the basics, you can also try out JavaServer Pages\Servlets to develop web applications.

ok Dan, thanx 4 the FFT, much appreciated! btw, my name's Paul... 8)

Hey Pauly. :)

eh? "Pauly" ? >:( "Paulie" ? >:(
Paul? ;)

Yeah... Pauly... you're in the mafia, aren't you? ;)

mafia is a blight on a particular culture as well as society in general.

So it's a misused word? Is that what you're saying?

there is NOTHING romantic, glamorous or, Dear Lord, honorable about the mafia. i dont really think i need 2 spell out the criminal activities that hey have no problems partaking in, do? if ur basing ur interpretation of the mafia lifestyle on the illusions of the print & entertainment industries, amongst others, then i'd be surprised that i'd need to tell u u dont have a realistic picture @all. i found the linkk below in only a few minutes of searching - the third paragraph, not including the bulleted list, is the most telling.

Whoa, you're making it seem like I used the word "Mafia" in good terms. Where did you get THAT idea? Romantic? Glamorous? Honorable? No idea where you got that from (from eight words that didn't even make a sentence in that post). It was a joke, because the name "Pauly" sounds Italian, and Italians have that Mafia stereotype. :) (Pauly was the name of the head guy in Goodfellas.)

Believe me, I'm very aware not to trust the media/entertainment industry when it comes to real life issues... know why? It's for entertainment! It's easy to follow and believe some of the stuff we see in movies though... for example, martial arts. Especially the moves that Jackie Chan does. No martial artist fights like that in real life... and I know, me being one. No boxing match is like Rocky, and no space launch is like the Apollo-13 movie. The entertainment industry spices it up so it becames "entertainment" and we watch it, otherwise it wouldn't be interesting.

I have not read much literature on mafias, but I have watched several especials on the history of mafias, gangs, and many of the criminal activities they were involved in.
Nothing of what I saw was "romantic" or "glamorous" or "dear lord, honorable."

feeding off of, and simultaneously perpetuating, the mafia stereotype illicited my response to ur "Pauly" post, which is 1) why i tried to steer the conv away from that angle and 2) why i dissuade the use of the "Paulie" moniker. ur "misuse" ?'ing post is what prompted me to post my "decidedly abbreviated dissertation" on mafia history.

Whoa, excellent use of language. That paragraph you just wrote reminds me of something I see in law books. ;)

I meant it as a joke. There were no hidden meanings, methaphors, etc. Enough said. If you don't want me to do it again, then it's cool... I won't do it.

illicited = elicited ... sometimes being stoic is enjoyable! ;)

That's right, sucka.

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