I am looking for a front end/graphical user interface(GUI) in linux which supports C language as backend.

I also hear rave reviews about FLTK, though I've never used it myself. I like Qt, but you can't sell anything you develop with it... (unless you can afford to purchase a developer license, that is).

I use wxwidgets on windows works well

That's what I like about it to. It even works on MAC, no need to change the code.

Qt supports C++.right?
if it supports C also plz let me know.

If it supports C++ it supports C.


i want front end as Qt and back end as a .c file.
will this work?
if so how?
according to me we select a c++ project in Qt.

for eg:
if i am having a button in front end & when i click this button
i want to display "hello".The code for displaying "hello" should be
in C(i.e. printf("hello");) and it should be in a .c file like hello.c.

can we do this using Qt? If so,please telll me how to do this.

can i use JAVA as frontend and C as backend in linux?
please guide me to do this.

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