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my program (.exe file) is running cool in my machine but when i try to run it on other machines it does't work ................ i made it in VC#.......................can anybody tell me how to make an exe compatible with all the machines .....................

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.net framework missing!!

while that may be, we cannot assume that it's due to that. we need more information, such as the error he is getting.

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bad reply

If you are trying to launch the application from a different machine across the network, then yes you will get this error until you make it a trusted application. There are a number of security setting that have to be made, and there is a couple free utilities on the internet that allow you to modify the settings to allow it to work this way.


You can guess it from his question!

I really don't think he's given enough information for anyone to try and say what the error is.

considering the .NET framework is automatically downloaded on newer OS's and in fact comes pre-installed with newer releases of XP/Vista CD's it would be fairly safe to say that any newer system would have the required framework.

Now that is not to say it's not impossible for him to find someone without the .NET framework but it is a bit foolish to spit out an answer without first knowing what is really wrong ;)

that's a bit of troubleshooting 101.

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