seems like every time i write a program in assembly i get these errors. all i am trying to do is multiply these two numbers, but this happens

1>z:\assembly\p2a\new folder\p2c\p2c\p2c.cpp(27) : error C2443: operand size conflict
1>z:\assembly\p2a\new folder\p2c\p2c\p2c.cpp(28) : error C2414: illegal number of operands
1>z:\assembly\p2a\new folder\p2c\p2c\p2c.cpp(29) : error C2443: operand size conflict

short int num1 = 0x4444;
     short int num2 = 0x7777;
     short int ans1 = 0;

        __asm {
//  your syntatically correct assembly language code here
//  column alignment markers below (to guide you)
//      |       |               |
		mov     ax,num1         ;get first num to add
	    mul		ax,num2		    ;form mul
	    mov		ans1,ax		    ;store result