I have to alter my hello world program so that it prints my initials to the middle of the screen. It says i can use any of the escape sequences that help me it says. Can anyone help

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Do you want it just to say your name, or say your name and ask you to quit. Can you post what you already have.

Deja Vu all over again! This post is eerily similar to the earlier post you made that folks were replying to. Did you give up on them?

What I hear you asking is how escapes can help move your initials to the center of the screen? Like the TAB escape of \t perhaps?

printf("Hello World\t\t\tS61\n"); // three tabs enough? try and see!

in Turbo C/C++, you can use the gotoxy(x, y) function to move the cur on the screen.

by the way,you must include <conio.h> in your source files.

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