A code is ambiguous when there exists a message using that code that can be partitioned into
different sequences of code words. In other words, in an ambiguous code a message may have
more than one meaning. For example, consider the binary alphabet, composed of symbols
{0,1}. For the code composed of the words {10, 01, 101} the message 10101 can be understood as 10-101 or 101-01 and therefore the code is ambiguous. On the other hand, for the code composed of the words {01, 10, 011} no ambiguous message exists and therefore the code is unambiguous.

I dont' understand how 11011 cannot be interpreted as 11-011 and 110-11. Isn't this ambiguous?

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Neither 11 nor 110 is a legal word in your word set of {01, 10, 011} so neither 11-011 nor 110-11 are legal messages. Am I misunderstanding the rules?


hi i am new to java.can u plz kindly tell me how to use conditions in case of a switch in java?

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