Hi All,
I am trying to understand whatever problems reported by static analysis tools for a codebase , can they always be caught by some dynamic analysis tool like purify (other than coding style issues) , what I meant is if you discard coding style issue, is running static analysis tool on a codebase redundant, if you have got good dynamic analysis tool like purify ,etc ?

I'd love to help but i can't understand a word you are saying, not that i don't understand english, no, but i can't understand what is "codebase", "static analysis tool",...

the major disadvantage of dynamic analysis is that its results may not generalize to future executions. there is no guarantee that the test suite over which the program was run (that is, the set of inputs for which execution of the program was observed) is characteristic of all possible program executions in the future.
the challenge of building a static analysis tool is choosing a good abstraction function, and the challenge of performing effective dynamic analysis is selecting a representative set of test cases. i do not think that one can completely replace the functionality of the other; each one tends to be ill-suited for the tasks at which the other excels.