I'm currently learning C# and I had a few basic questions:

1. What is and what is the difference between void and static and return?

2. What are abstract classes? How do they differ from interfaces?

3. How do you use the char variable?


Your first question are actually 3 questions. Just give us a break, please! What if I would ask you: Tell me something about hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon...(I can go on you know)
Please use a simple question about the problem you have.
So we can formulate an answer in a way you will understand the most.

i think you are using C# so you want the difference betwen Void Static & return ok i will explain u one by one
all u have been is askedin ur 1st question is related to function i.e.

void--> it is using in function to define function type means if u want ur function doesn't return anything then you have to define "void function functionname" this type of function not return anything

Static --> as C# is in object oriented lang. so it always need an object but if function is define like "static function" then there is no need for object required.

return-->return is return type of function means ur fun return anything then which kind kind of data is returned like integer,charater etc.....

i hope this will help you to understand

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