Hello All,

I am developing one software in which i am reading from CSV file, And I am able to see that data in DataGridView and now i want to copy that data into a table Name customer from database name MainData.mdb.
While I wanna check that the CustomerCode already exist or not, if CustCode does not exist then copy data into table else check CustCode is Modified or not, If modified time is new then overwrite data into same table else msgbox ("No records to Copy")

Please help me in this regard..

You gave a nice solution begin in coding it and if you face a problem ask us specific question, the answer you need is to make someone coding your problem!!

If I can get some help that would be better to listen from you, Buddy.
If u cant help please dont pass comments.. thanks

OK Dear friend,
I am sorry for being rude.
I have started working on it, But actually I am facing problem in getting data copied from datagridview to Access Datatable. Please help me in it if you any site address that could help me plz let me know. Thanks

i went to site but it say downloads went to max limit so if u have code for that please send me thanks

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