I am using a program called FunEditor, I doubt many people know about it, but if you do help is requested. Before I go into my problem I will explain ProjectFUN a little bit first. Basically it is a C++ 2D game making program that is slightly simplified and does *some* code on its own and has a few shortcuts on its own. But other than that it is plain regular C++ and recognizes the all the regular pieces of C++.

- My Problem -
I am trying to make a certain object fall from random points on the ceiling of a boss level in my game. What I am doing is using a function I wrote called SpriteCopy (it works with shooting so I am guessing it would work with this as well). Basically what it does is copy a master sprite, assign it a new name, and give it a position on the map where you would then apply speed, direction, etc. The only problem is, it doesn't appear ... at all. If anyone knows what I might be doing wrong, or knows a way to write code that could do what I need to do, help would be greatly appreciated.

-Thanks if anyone can help :)

You should ask your question to whereever you got that compiler. Check if they have a forum where you can ask questions.

<snipped email addresses>

Just from your description, I'd guess you need to set the unused flag to false for the copied sprite. Something like This->Unused(false);

Good luck!