I'm working c++ project but before I can start coding I am required to analyze the problem and determine potential objects/classes - Object Orientated Analysis.

I read through the paper a few times and did my analysis. Tell me what you guys think. I'm not verse in this area so I know there are quite a few errors in there I have yet to detect.

The included files are the problem, my analysis, and the guidelines for analysis that we as students are to follow.

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I looked at the table you created. I think I sort of understand what you are doing with that table, but I think making a key within the table would help make it more obvious. You have five columns:
a) Potential Object/Class
b) General Classification
c) Accept categories
d) Reject categories
e) Whether class/object in column a is accepted or rejected

I assume that is the idea. You have integers from 1 to 6, though I see an occasional 7, and each of these numbers is put into either the "accept" or "reject" category. I assume that column 2 also has a number from 1 to 6, and that column 5 is based on whether the category of column 2 is in column 3 or column 4. However, this is a guess since you don't explicitly say so. You also don't list the number that column 2 is, which would make it easier to figure out why something was accepted or rejected. I'm trying to match the numbers to the other word documents and I am sort of able to but not really. I think that you need to have a key above your table explaining what every column represents and what every number represents in order to take the guessswork out. That's my two cents.

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