First let me say sorry to all the experts out there. I just don't know where else to turn. A friend of mine who was teaching me c, even set up borlands compiler for me on my laptop, quit the tour that I am on. My old laptop crashed I have read all I can on installing and using the compiler. I just can't get it.

I want to learn c++ but am not able to actually go to school right now since my job keeps me on tour 11 months out of the year. I keep getting the window that says:

Microsoft<R> Windows DOS
<c>copyright Microsoft Corp 1990-2001


I want to learn c++ so bad I'm losing my hair. And my wife keeps giving me those funny looks. Thanks for any help any one can give...

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Are you using ancient Tubto C or Tubro C++ compiler? Those two compilers are sooooo old that they aren't of any value to learn c++. Toss them out and download one of the free modern compilers. Dev-C++ and Microsoft VC++ 2008 are both good ones. There are others too, such as Eclipse, mentioned by codeaa above.

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