How do I display then hide a progress box. I don't want any input or check boxes, just show the user that the computer is alive and working. A counter will be nice. When the task is done, the codewill remove the box.

Thank you,

Oops, I forgot to say VB 6 on Windows 2000 and XP.

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Make a timer and enable it and set the interval
Then draw a progress bar (installer type one)
then put this code:

sub timer1_tick

progressbar1.value = progressbar1.value + 1

I don't have my work computer with me right now, but I did that (or something real close) for an Excel macro and it put a little line of text in the bottom left corner of the screen. I had a hard time finding it when I was looking for it. The user just won't see it. I want something like MsgBox that puts up an impossible to ignore message. The problem with message box is that I did not see any way to disable user input and/or allow the program to continue on without user input.

Hi bkelly,
Can you use a combination of a form and a progress bar. I think you can do it in this way.


I am happy to do it in almost any way that is obvious to the user and can be updated as the procedure updates. I want to see your idea and thank you.

Do mine with a form, progressbar and timer and it will work. However i dint know that you were doing it in excel i thaught you meant the full visual studio VB not VBA

Get VB.NET Express for free!

Oh yeah here is some better code (may still be wrong but on the right track)


timer1.interval = 1000 (1 sec)

Sub timer1_tick
(dont know what else goes here but its the code it makes autonatcially when u click it in design view)

progressbar1.value = progressbar1.value + 1

end sub

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