Hello all. I was looking for a set of java classes that I can use to synch midi output of a speaker to output on the monitor (or other actions). I've been looking for the longest time in google, and I can't find exactly what I want, or at least, I can't get it to do exactly what I want.

Am I just looking in the wrong places in the java libraries I've used, or can anyone reccomend me a good set of classes to do what I want (and possibly a good resource to use it also?).

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Am I just looking in the wrong places in the java libraries I've used

hard to say, since you do not say anything about where you've been looking or what java lib's you 've used. I take it there are some who can help you with this, but giving more specific information might persuade them to make an extra effort for you


Okay, well, I guess what you want me to ask is a more defined answer so....

Are there any java packages, set of classes, .jar file, or something I can use as an additional library of classes I can use to synch midi output. I was asking if I was just looking in the wrong place, so if the standard library has something that I could have used, I could have been directed there.

So, where's something in java I can use to synch midi output to another action (such as the monitor)? I hope that's enough information for everyone.

I have loooked here:
but am having trouble finding what I want.

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