hello to everyone
i am working with vb6 & mapobjects2.4 and also i wrote code for "To select features based on an SQL expression" and i got an error as "Object Variable or With block Variable not set" .i want solution for this this problem


Dim recset As New MapObjects2.Recordset
Dim LabelPlacer As New MapObjects2.LabelPlacer
Dim g_symSelection As MapObjects2.Symbol

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim r1 As New Rectangle
r1.Left = -117.183964079772
r1.Right = -117.160018438746
r1.Top = 34.047951088234
r1.Bottom = 34.0285801368372
r1.ScaleRectangle 0.75
Set Map1.Extent = r1
'Map1.Layers(0).Symbol.Color = moNavy
Dim fnt1 As New StdFont
fnt1.Name = "Times new roman"
fnt1.Bold = False
Set Map1.Layers(0).Renderer = LabelPlacer
LabelPlacer.Field = "NAME"
LabelPlacer.DrawBackground = True
LabelPlacer.DefaultSymbol.Height = Map1.FullExtent.Height / 150
Set LabelPlacer.DefaultSymbol.Font = fnt1
LabelPlacer.AllowDuplicates = False
LabelPlacer.ValueField = "CFCC"
LabelPlacer.ValueCount = 1
LabelPlacer.Value(0) = "A31"
fnt1.Bold = True
Set LabelPlacer.Symbol(0).Font = fnt1
LabelPlacer.Symbol(0).Height = Map1.FullExtent.Height / 100
LabelPlacer.MaskLabels = True
LabelPlacer.MaskColor = Map1.BackColor
With Map1
If Not .Layers.Count = 1 Then End
.Layers(0).Symbol.Color = moDarkGreen
End With

With Combo1
Dim fldLyr1 As MapObjects2.Field
For Each fldLyr1 In Map1.Layers(0).Records.Fields
If fldLyr1.Type < 20 Then
.AddItem fldLyr1.Name
End If
Next fldLyr1
.ListIndex = 0
End With

With Combo2
.AddItem "="
.AddItem "<"
.AddItem ">"
.AddItem "<="
.AddItem ">="
.AddItem "Like"
.ListIndex = 0
End With
Combo3.Text = "<Field Values>"
Call ListValues1

Set g_symSelection = New MapObjects2.Symbol

With g_symSelection
.SymbolType = Map1.Layers(0).Symbol.SymbolType
.Color = moYellow
End With
end sub

Private Sub Map1_AfterLayerDraw(ByVal index As Integer, ByVal canceled As Boolean, ByVal hDC As stdole.OLE_HANDLE)

If index > 0 Then Exit Sub

Dim strExpression1 As String
If Map1.Layers(0).Records.Fields(Combo1.List(Combo1.ListIndex)).Type = moString Then
-------> strExpression1 = Combo1.List(Combo1.ListIndex) & " " & Combo2.List(Combo2.ListIndex) & " '" & Combo3.Text & "'"

strExpression1 = Combo1.List(Combo1.ListIndex) & " " & Combo2.List(Combo2.ListIndex) & " " & Combo3.Text
End If

Dim recSelection1 As MapObjects2.Recordset
Set recSelection1 = Map1.Layers(0).SearchExpression(strExpression1)

If Not recSelection1.EOF Then
Map1.DrawShape recSelection1, g_symSelection
End If
Set recSelection1 = Nothing

End Sub

Private Sub Map1_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)

If Button = 1 Then
Map1.Extent = Map1.TrackRectangle
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Map1_BeforeLayerDraw(ByVal index As Integer, ByVal hDC As stdole.OLE_HANDLE)
End Sub

Private Sub Combo1_Click()
If Map1.Visible = True Then
Call ListValues1
End If
End Sub

Private Sub ListValues1()
If Len(Combo1.List(Combo1.ListIndex)) > 0 Then
Dim recLyr As MapObjects2.Recordset
Set recLyr = Map1.Layers(0).Records
Dim strName As String
strName = Combo1.List(Combo1.ListIndex)
Do While Not recLyr.EOF
Combo3.AddItem recLyr.Fields(strName).ValueAsString
End If
End Sub

Private Sub cmbSel_Click()
If cmbSel.ListIndex = 0 Then
Map1.Visible = True
legend1.setMapSource Map1
legend1.LoadLegend True
Map1.Extent = Map1.FullExtent
End If
End Sub

Advance thanks for giving solution for my problem

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