Hello All:

I want to make a simple login to a program created in C#, I want when I entered the program I must asked about the password, another thing is how can I by another form confirm the password(change the password), nest time when I entered I must the new password I changed must be the true....Is there any idea please ???

Thanks in advance.....

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You can use a single form for this or multiple forms (pages). You can use a database or xml storage layer to store information about the users. Actually, you can even use a text file if you liked, but it's best to probably use XML or SQL database...

Next, you will need to design a register/regitration form. Once they create an account then you would flag the record as "just created" or new. Infinite ways to do this...

method 1) put a 'new' flag/column in the database and after they login, mark as zero or something. This way is sort of uneeded because the column is only used once and never again - it's a wast becuase it's not used for any other informational purposes either.

method 2) put a lastlogin field in the database/xml storage and flag as null until they successfully log in. If the value is 'null' then you know they have never logged in and you can prompt them to change the password. If the 'lastlogin' value has a valid date, then skip the password reset/change function...

I think that is waht you are asking for...


hello :
Thanks for you answer, but without data base , I want it simple between two forms any idea please???


Do the passwords/usernames have to be secure? Encrypted? If so you are talking about an awful lot of lines of code.

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