Title : Student Course Registration System
Every semester you will use the university course registration system in the early weeks of
new semester. Assuming that the pre-registration process has not been exercised. Now,
you will try to create a similar system that will have somewhat the same function of the
real system using C programming. First, the system will ask for your matric number or
name to check whether you exist in the record, if your name or matric number does not
exist, the system will create a new profile of your name and matric number. The system
must have the following features where it can add subjects, drop subjects, print the
subjects chosen to the screen, check the availability of a course and vacancies in a class
so that it should not exceed the maximum number of students in a single class. The
system also checks whether the student fulfills his/her minimum or maximum credit hour
for one semester. In our case, the system should alert the user if he/she has not fulfilled
the required credit hours. Also, alert the user if the class has no vacancies or in other
words the class is full. In this system, the maximum credit hour allowed is 18 credits and
the minimum is 12 credits. A single class is dissolved if the students in a class are less
than 5 people and then the system will put the students in a waiting list. A class will split
into two if and only if the number of students exceed the class limit of 50 and the extra
students is not less than 10 (where students in the waiting list must be more than 10 for
that particular subject). Also, the CGPA of the student should be considered in
determining the credit hours. A CGPA of more than 2.6 will allow the student to register
a maximum of 18 credits while a student that obtains a CGPA less than 2.6 but more that
2.4, can only register to a maximum of 15 credits. A student with a CGPA less than 2.4
will have to see the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs for approval. Prompt out an alert
message for students with CGPA less than 2.4 to meet the Deputy Dean of Student
Affairs to register that particular semester. Neglect the study plan option and other
functionality of the real system. Just focus on the features stated in this question.

i want you to help me, can you please give me the steps of program to be written

Seems like quite a large program. I would tackle it by dividing it into smaller portions. At the start do only the minimal amount needed to get the program going, such as create a student structure that contains the student information needed, such as name, matrix number, and a linked list of subjects.

Next step is to write a menu for the required operations, such as add, delete, etc. Once you get that working ok you can begin coding those functions. Code a function, compile, test and fix any errors. Repeat that for each of the functions.

The last thing to do is implement the requirements listed at the end of the problem description.

Happy programming, and come back with code when you have problems.