I want to create a simple exe(Without any supporting files...just a standalone exe)

We dont have Matlab compiler

I read in web that we can create exe in Matlab6.0,6.1 using C++ compiler.

I have Matlab 7.1 and above.

With the current Matlab version can we use C++ or C compilers for creating exe?
Treat it as very urgent and provide me a solution

Thanks in advance

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which compiler has mathlab ????? we have <math.h> is it obsolete ?

Can you please tell me is it possible to create just a standalone exe.
currently when i am creating exe with command mcc -m jk.m i am getting the exe with bin folder containing .fig files.
I just want exe only so that i can call it from a web application for streaming
thanks in advance

The only method I know is by purchasing the Matlab compiler. If any other methods exist sorry I am not aware of them.

Isn't exe atomatically created in the folder you work when the program is automatically compiled ??

Matlab does not work that way. There are files that are similar to exe called mat files. But they require matlab installed and cannot be transported to another PC without matlab. In order to create a standalone file, one has to purchase a license of Matlab compiler that is a differnet product.

why do yuo need a mat file when you have and .exe ??

You dont have an exe. Matlab does not allow one to build an exe. Its not like conventional programming.

I do..... every prog. I compile, it automatically makes an exe.

It got deviated.
I am asking if I have compiler then will i be able to create a single exe file without supporting files?This is my question

If we can then can you give me the command?
I used mcc -m -b sgl myfile.m

I have Matlab6.1 which comes with Matlab compiler2.2 by default
I created exe with mcc command.But there were supporting files with Bin folder and .c files.

I just want a single exe file.
Thanks in advance

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