I want to run a .jar application in the client machine(Its a web application).But I think we need to install jdk for running a .jar application.

Is there any way to run a .jar application without installing jdk?(By keeping some dll or some necessary files only)

i want to avoid installation of jdk.

Please help

Sure, just install a JRE instead.
If you don't want to do that either, consider this:
can you run a Windows application on a computer without installing Windows?

Ya..Thats what i want to know...Just by installing the minimum feature for running the java application

How about bundling the JRE (required for your app) into your jar file....???

won't work, chicken and egg scenario. He needs the JRE to get into the jar and he needs the jar to get the JRE.

No, he needs to install a JRE on the target systems (or state in his system requirements that one be installed, far easier).

Of course, if you really are wanting to make for lesser work for the user (which, I really don't think you need to do this, but, it can be done), create a self extracting install which will bundle the jre and your jar together, then run your jre then run the jar.

Not sure how to go about it personally, cause it's not a forte of mine, but, I've seen it done.

I personally don't mind installing the runtimes that I need as long as the programmer has told me where I can get them.

I will say most of the users know how to install JRE. One solution can be instead of installing it twice, ask the user if has already installed JAVA, or do some kind of testing to see if JRE is installed. If it fails, do the java installation, may be downloading from web. Otherwise for 1 MB program JRE+Program can be too big file for the client. Best advice is to make decision based on your target clients or users.

Thank you for your valuable support

web application wont give .jar files .It gives war Files.Java Application application (Class with main Class) gives .jar File.If you want to Run a Jar File .You can use Jar2Exe Wizzard tool to Convert jar file into exe files.by double click the exe file it will run but JDK is not needed.System must install JRE.you can download jar2Exe wizzard tool from google (Free download)