when creating jar file i use following command in DOS

jar cf UIA.jar *.class *.jpg *.html *.xml *.jhm *.jar

then i adding manifest by typing following command in DOS

jar cvfm UIA.jar mainClass.txt

when i double click the jar file, nothing come out, i think maybe the code it used to run the program is different

normally when i want to run my program, i type this code in command prompt to run the program, the program has implemented the java help system, i need to type these four files out when runing or compiling the program, because the window xp cant detect these four files which required by java help system.

java -cp .;jh.jar;jsearch.jar;jhall.jar;jhbasic.jar UIAMain

the program is free of error and able to run.
how do i do the same way in jar file ?

content in my mainClass.txt:
Main-Class: UIAMain


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anyone please..... cause i failed to figure out whats going on?
if the detail i've given is unclear, please tell me, i will correct it

This should help.

thanks a lot stephen, it really helped me out

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