Hello. Possibly, this is the best java forum in the whole net. So i thought to ask. I want to capture video from a web-camera. So far, i have enabled the camera using JMF and i can see "inside" the camera. What i want is to capture video in GRAYSCALE, and process the individual frames. Is there any who know anything about this issue and have made some test classes that could help, or is there anyone that knows where to find out about that subject? I am using Logitech webcam 9000 pro, and in the JMF registry it is recognised as "Microsoft WDM Image Capture". Thanx a lot in advance.

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I dont know much but :

I believe you should convert the series of images you got from web cam to gray scale in java. And that means you converting the images to matrices
( if you convert them directly the colored images will be 3D, you should try and neglect the third dimension
(third dimension gives the color blue green yellow ex cetera )
then with those matrices you will be able to make operations.

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