I have a form that is used by say 250 employees right now but soon to grow company wide. This form has several line items listed down the page. Every few days I get several sheets in which right now I use tick marks (on a blank pcs of paper) to count each time someone marks say on line item number 1. Is there a way or a program somewhere where if I do person number one's entry on the computer and then start person number two's number that another column can count how many times I entered a number in say line number 1 and so on.

I'm constantly just repeating entry into the say sheet in the same cell sort of speak. I dont want to have to enter 1 one and then 2 the next time and so on and so on. I just want to enter a 1 into the cell over and over again and let another cell or program count how many times I entered a one in the cell.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I not the brightest person when it come to computer so bare with me.


Post what you have done. Do you even know how to write programmes?

I took a Basic Programming class years ago but I've have never really used what I learned.

And you should have read The Rules. PERIOD.

Well, comma, actually.

Are you asking us to supply a program for you or help you write something?
Would an Excel Spreadsheet be enough, or do you need a program?

I did some of it or on looking up previous questions but I could find anything the looked similar to what I'm looking for or maybe I just didn't dig deep enough. I would like to figure it out on a excel spreadsheet if possible.

You just need to put the informations in ms access database, and query it.

No building a macro in excel works even better. I got it to work. Thanks for all you who tried to help I appreciate it.