Hello Everyone.
I Need a code that can enable me perfom the following task
as an administrator i develop a code that i can use to limit other users from perfoming certain task like deleting,inserting updating, the only previledge i can grant is just to submit to the database but only i as the administrator can be able to modify or do anything.

There is no such "a code" which can perform your work. Besides, you are just saying what you want, but not enough details like technical details or how do you want to implement this, what kind of database you are talking about. Seems to me you are talking about databse privileges, which you are supposed to manage from the database system itself. There are a lot of client softwares already out there for almost every popular databases using which you can do such management easily. Or you can set permission from your operating system who can touch your database and who can't. So your requirement is very ambigious and vague.

Hai,Can I know Which Database You are Using

in MySql Server 5.0 means
donwload EngIn MySql Client software download for Graphical Administrator.

If You are using Oracle means U have Some Queries.

Send Which Database you are Using to my Mail:ahilansoftware@gmail.com

Thanks For your reply, but the thing is that all previledges would be granted from the time of login, for instance if i as the administrator login i'll have all previledge but if an ordinary user logon he should have all the previledge of submiting transactions.but deleting or update ONLY the administrator should have that..

The database is SQLserver

Have a table in the database where you store which options each user is allowed to perform. Then when that user logs in you can query that table to see which actions the user can perform.

So you mean you are using MS SQL Server. I am not very familiar with MS SQL Server, but it should have some kind of user management tool, through which you can set the privileges of your users. You may also be able to either create group privilege for users or set password to delete or update users. In MYSQL, I know we can setup the privileges. MSSQL server should have some better interface I suppose. This forum is for JAVA. There is a Database forum under Web Development section. That one would be the perfect place to ask your question.