Hello again.

Now I'm asked to replace the texts in an existing software (Compiled with Visual).
Like "Welcome to...." some remove a block of text entirely.
I replaced all the images and icons before.
Any ideas?


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use resourcehacker.

600) 1(_)[|<.

I already used it to edit the dialogs and replace the bitmaps but i can't find the text.

or you can use use a hex editor, just depends what you are skilled with

Then I'm screwed. hehe


a hex editor will give you a hex dump AND an ASCII text dump, which is where you'd be editing strings (I use ollydbg for all things hex, asm and debugging)


in the end, any program is just a file stored in some file system. compilers, linkers etc. are programs that take one or more files as input and give out file(s) as output. you can modify these files like you modify any other files.

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <string>
#include <fstream>
#include <iterator>
#include <vector>

int main( int argc, char** argv )
  std::system( "/usr/bin/g++ --version" ) ;
  std::string original = "This is free software; see the source "
                         "for copying conditions.  There is NO" ;
  std::string modified( original.rbegin(), original.rend() ) ;

  std::vector<char> bytes ;
    std::ifstream file( "/usr/bin/g++", std::ios::binary ) ;
    file >> std::noskipws ;
    std::istream_iterator<char> begin(file), end ;
    bytes.assign( begin, end ) ;

  std::vector<char>::iterator found =
       std::search( bytes.begin(), bytes.end(),
                    original.begin(), original.end() ) ;
  if( found != bytes.end() )
    std::copy( modified.begin(), modified.end(), found ) ;
      std::ofstream file( "/tmp/g++" ) ;
      std::copy( bytes.begin(), bytes.end(),
                 std::ostream_iterator<char>(file) ) ;
    std::system( "/bin/chmod +x /tmp/g++ && /tmp/g++ --version" ) ;
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