Thank you for your advancing helping.
I do have a problem in how to encode a bank account that has :
1. account number,user name , intial deposit and balance (updatable)
2. that a specific user can see his balance
3. a user can withdraw money
4. a user is deleted when he/she is shifting to other bank.
My instructer obligized me only to encode by using file processing but as you fit with c or c++.
it is better if no longer than three days.

your post is the surest way to not get any help here.

if you want help, here are the steps you must follow:

(1) write part of your program
(2) when it doesn't work, post your code and specific questions here

Hello ,
I need your help to get a sample terminate & stay resident program (TSR) in turbo c,c++. Can you help me . And also need help to understand keep() function . About your query soon iwill mail you the source code for that one . be in contact at

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