Ok i have to do the following

*Just a console program

* Have a program with three lists, List 1 = Adjectives, List 2 = Adjectives, List 3 = Nouns.

* The user will say if they want to input a word into the list, delete a word from the list, or display the list.

* Or exit the program

* Once the user has either added a word deleted a word or just wants the program to display the words then the following has to happen...

* The three lists are displayed. Then the program has to select a word at random from each list and display the sentence.

I wanted a main menu which had the following...

* To add a word press 1
* To delete a word press 2
* To display list press 3
* To display a randomly generated sentence press 4

Once one of these has been selected it will go to the sub menu for the thing they selected.

eg if add is selected it will go to the following

To add a word you have to
type in add
type in the list number you would like to add it to
then type in the word you would like to add
e.g. add 2 nice.

Then it will go back to the original menu.

I know i need to use three arrays to do this, and I have made a program which will allow the user to input words into an array and then that will mix those words up and print them on the screen but I'm not sure how to go about doing this with all the menu's and sub menu's etc.

Any help would be much appreciated

Her'es an abbreviated version of pseudocode that demostrates using nested switch statements that can be put in a loop in an effort to do this. You can choose which menu is for which set of choices.

cout list menu
cin selection
switch selection
     switch choice
     switch choice

   cout menu
   cin choice