I want to know about string tokenizer. i have a file of the following format:-

Studentname StudentID Studentgrades

each is separated by a tab. and the size of the file is unknown. I have to read each line using string tokenizer..Well, i dont know much about this, can someone help me?

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Standard C++ doesn't have a string tokenizer, so the class you're using isn't likely to be well known. Perhaps you can be more specific about what's not working and provide some code?


i have not written anything yet..i wanted to get some help on string tokenizer. i know i have to use this to read my file but i dont know how. do you have any simple examples on it?


Um, did you not understand what I said? C++ doesn't define a string tokenizer. Now, are you expected to use a specific tokenizer class, or will a more generic solution work? I can tell you how to tokenize a string, but it would be a waste of my time to do so if you really want to use some non-standard class that I don't know about.

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